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Water. Our planet’s surface is covered about 70% by this life essential liquid. That is approximately 331 million cubic miles of water. However, all but 3% contains salt. Three-quarters of this 3% of freshwater is in the form of ice. Half of the remaining ¼ of freshwater is located 2,500+ feet below the surface and embedded in rock. That is too deep to be obtained economically and leaves the water in lakes, rivers, accessible aquifers, (groundwater), and the atmosphere. Just 1/8 of 3%, or 0.375 percent!
Obviously, this precious resource, this gift of the earth, must be protected and utilized wisely, but how? As gardeners, we have the opportunity to be either part of the problem or part of the solution. Permaculture gardening techniques include water-conserving methods that serve as an antidote to the typical water-guzzling gardens of most American homes.
There are many resources and books available on this topic. One of my favorites is “Gaia’s Garden, a guide to home-scale permaculture” by renowned educator and author Toby Hemenway.

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