Rose-infused Vodka

Rose infused vodka

June is almost at a close.
In honor of the flower most often associated with this month, the Rose, I offer you (those who imbibe of adult beverages) one of the easiest ever methods for really enjoying this flower.
First, you need a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid (I like mason jars)
Second a blossom, or two, of a VERY fragrant rose, (any color but white) pesticide-free of course.
Third about a pint of your favorite vodka, (If you use cheap stuff though, it will still taste cheap!)
Separate the petals, put them in the jar, cover to almost the top with vodka, seal tightly, shake, place on a dark shelf, and wait about a week (the longer the better, naturally)
After your week or more, of anticipation, pour off the Rose infused vodka through a sieve into a clean bottle or jar.
Prepare a martini or cocktail glass with ice, pour a few ounces of the elixir, add a few drops of lemon juice and a twist (helps to brighten the color), and enjoy.
There now, I’m certain you’ll thank me later!

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