Central Coast Rose Manual; Creating a Personal Rose Garden by Joseph Truskot

The Central Coast Rose Manual, book cover

Central Coast Rose Manual: Creating a Personal Rose Garden


Published: 2011

Format: paperback

Whether you have only a few roses, a full on rose garden, or just the desire to create one as a part of your personal garden paradise, then Joseph Truskot’s Central Coast Rose Manual is the must have resource book for you.
Truskot is a Master Rosarian of the Monterey Bay Rose Society with many years of practical hands on experience in every aspect of rose growing which he shares throughout his manual, making this work the best book I have ever come across on the topic of rose gardens.
The book is laid out in a manner that gives one the knowledge of where to begin, the needed essentials for creating a successful rose garden, a month by month calendar of activities in the rose garden including pruning, as well as info and tips for growing roses in our often fluctuating, Mediterranean, climatic conditions that include periods of drought.Lastly a section giving advice on some of the common rose challenges such as diseases, pests (both insect and mammalian) and more.
What makes this book such a pleasure to read is that it is written with the perspective of our area (Central Coast of California) specifically in mind for growing roses. So it’s a “what works here” sort of manual.
Equally pleasing is how Truskot tells of his personal experiences growing roses from his own garden in Salinas Ca. Both his successes and failures are depicted in a very human, humble and humorous way making this book so much more than one of the often dry, purely technical, “How To” tomes.
The season of ‘gifting’ is upon us and what better gift for a gardener than a book on gardening!
Central Coast Rose Manual is available from the author (message him on facebook) and from the ‘better bookstores’ in our area.
You can also hear Joe on his 9 AM Saturday morning radio show “In the Garden” on Ksqd Santa Cruz.

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