October 2020

"Wild Fermentation; the Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live Cultured Foods" by Sandor Ellix Katz

Wild Fermentation; the Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live Culture Foods

The first batch of sour pickles are in the crock and will be ready in just about a day!If you haven’t read this book yet then I highly recommend you do so!So many recipes beyond pickles for vegetable krauts & kimchis, miso & tempeh, beers, wines, & meads, yogurt & cheese, sourdough bread, and more!Simple clear instructions on how to turn your gardens bounty and real food ingredients into super healthy fare.I am completely hooked on “wild fermentation!”

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fava beans in #5 pots

Container gardening pros and cons

Think of growing veggies in pots as mini raised beds. Because that’s what they are with certain advantages and only a few caveats. Advantages;1. Using plastic pots in sizes ranging from #5 (5gal) up to #25 (25 gal) or larger is a far cheaper proposition than the material costs of a “raised bed”/garden box.Additionally, most pot/container setups are temporary, allowing for other uses of the space when not in garden use.2. Using black plastic pots or black painted containers will help to warm soil above the surrounding ground soils allowing for earlier planting in temperate climates. This same factor can

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Mukasi Leonotis mollissima

Leonotis mollissima

With its seed origin on the northern tip of the island of Unguja in the Zanzibar archipelago, this rare member of the genus Leonotis has found its way into my gardens this year.A perennial plant it is native to East and South Africa.White whorls of flowers and large aromatic leaves are attractive to both bees and butterflies.Nearly every plant in the genus of Leonotis is used in traditional medicines and ‘Mukasi’ is no exception.(A close relative being Lion’s Tail, Leonotis leonurus)In traditional African medicine (TAM) it is used as an intestinal bitter against stomach complaints (tea or fresh leaf chew)

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